The Ocean of My Mind (Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 12)



Prompt: Serious or Silly

The idea starts like a light
Like the green light in The Great Gatsby
Beckoning me towards it
with its siren song of “Follow me.”
All of a sudden, I’m down the rabbit hole
What starts as a small idea
Overwhelms me like a tidal wave
It becomes an uphill climb
trying to fight my way out,
to fight for control.
Then the winds change
I find myself in the eye of the hurricane
I realize, in the stillness,
that I need to be still.
To stop fighting and slow down.
I take a deep breath
and follow the wind.
I cannot chart the entire ocean
But I can navigate the waters
And ride out every storm.
Instead of letting myself sink,
I learn to swim and hoist the sails.
I’m not going down with this ship.

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