Daredevil Month: The Path of the Righteous

The episode opens on a young girl at a hospital watching cartoons. Fisk and his men enter in from the gala. Lesley is concerned about himself and Fisk wants to make sure his girlfriend is okay, but procedure comes first.

Karen is knocking on Matt’s door. Foggy has been radio silent. Karen looks at Matt’s damaged face and says they should sue. She looks at the damaged apartment and he tells her not to worry. Karen can tell that Matt is lying, so she tells him about how she found Fisk’s mother. She also tells him about how Fisk killed his father. Unfortunately, that’s not a lot. Matt tells Karen to keep trying to find Foggy and to be careful. Karen gives Matt a “get well soon” balloon and leaves. Foggy wakes up at Marci’s apartment after a night sleeping with her. She rushes off to work while he ignores a call from Karen.

Fisk waits at the hospital. Leland is more concerned about how Fisk is going to keep things together. Wesley and Leland speculate as to “whodunit.” Wesley gets news that the other people who drank that poison have died, but Vanessa is still alive. Leland tells Wesley that they have to stay focused. Wesley tells Leland to talk to Gao. If she didn’t do it, they’re gonna need her help and if she did.

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Claire patches up Matt and tells him that he needs to get body armor. Matt remembers that Fisk had some kind of armor in the lining of his suit. Matt asks Claire if she wants to stay, but Claire says she wants to get out of the city. Matt implies that he’s gonna miss her. The two of them discuss their relationship, along the lines of whether or not they should have one. Matt still believes in the whole “We can’t be together because of my enemies” but Claire doesn’t believe it and leaves. She said that the only thing she remembers from Sunday school is that the martyr, saints, and saviors ended up bloody and alone. Matt doesn’t think he’s anything like them, but well, we know otherwise.

Karen meets up with Ben at the docks. Karen tries to apologize, but Ben is still mad at her. Karen really wants to get at Fisk, but all they have is the word of an old lady. The two of them discuss where things will eventually lead. Ben tells Karen about the gala and they both know that there are other bad guys out there who want to get at Fisk.

Fisk and Wesley continue to figure out whodunit. Fisk thinks about what Madame Gao said to him and wants vengeance. He wants to send Vanessa away to keep her safe, but Wesley disagrees. Fisk meets with the doctor and gets news that Vanessa will pull through.

At the church, Matt meets up with Fr. Lantom again. Fr. Lantom asks if he wants confession or a latte, but Matt wants neither. He tells the good priest about how he attempted to murder Fisk and what Claire told him. Fr. Lantom has a pretty good idea about what he does and Matt says that he used to think that what happened to him was God’s will but asks about why he feels like he has the devil in him. Fr. Lantom says that the devil is a symbol and a warning to get the righteous to repent.

Matt meditates in his apartment. The fight with Nobu is still on his mind. We cut to an alley at a man shooting at what’s seemingly nothing. He scales a rooftop and jumps down, only to be confronted by Daredevil. He asks the guy for information about Fisk’s body armor. The guy says the he might know a guy.

Fisk gets a call from his mother, but ignores it. He kisses a comatose Vanessa and heads out to meet Wesley. The doctor says that there may be complications. Fisk also asks Wesley to see what his mother needs. Lesley comes in saying that Gao sends condolences and didn’t say much else. He wants Fisk to get back to business because the enemies that are after them will inevitably come back. Wesley calls Marlene and asks her about what she needs. She talks to him about her recent visitors. Wesley asks to borrow keys and gun from a security officer and goes to take care of Marlene’s recent visitors himself.

Meanwhile, Daredevil finds the tailor that Fisk went to a few episodes ago. The tailor walks in and doesn’t see Daredevil in the room until the man in question appears behind him. The two get into a fight. The tailor tries to choke Daredevil with chains, but Daredevil uses that to his advantage and smothers the tailor. The tailor named Melvin breaks down and cries about Fisk hurting Betsy, a friend of his. Melvin tells Daredevil that he wants to do good but Fisk is threatening him to do otherwise. Daredevil asks Melvin to make him in exchange for keeping Fisk out and for keeping Betsy safe.

Karen finds Foggy at Josie’s pub and shares a drink with him. She asks him about why he hasn’t been returning her calls. Foggy tells her that what she has isn’t enough given Fisk’s power. Karen wonders what’s going on between Foggy and Matt and Foggy can’t talk about it. Karen tells him that they’ve started tearing down Elena’s building. She wants Foggy and Matt to make up or else. She calls Matt as she walks out of the pub and then calls Ben for a little pep talk. The camera shows Ben looking into Karen’s story before cutting to Karen getting kidnapped.

At the hospital, Fisk talks to Vanessa about how he never knew how to pray, even though it felt like he was lying to himself when he tried. He promises to avenge her.

Karen regains consciousness and wakes up at a warehouse, where Wesley is waiting for her. He asks her about why she went against her contract. He takes out his gun. He asks her if she loves the city and says that he himself doesn’t, but he stays because Fisk needs him. Wesley is surprised that Marlene remembers Karen and Ben in spite of her memory issues. Karen says to kill her and get it over with. Wesley, however, has other ideas. He makes her an offer: convince Ben to back off from Fisk and promote him or else he’ll kill everyone she knows and cares about. Karen grabs the gun from the table as Wesley’s phone goes off. Karen tells him that it’s not the first time she shot someone and kills Wesley. The phone goes off again. Karen takes the gun, cleans the table and leaves. Fisk keeps calling and gets no answer.

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