Daredevil Month: Speak of the Devil

The episode opens with Daredevil fighting a red ninja, one who uses a kunai with chain to slice at Daredevil from a distance. The red ninja seems to have the advantage, constantly knocking Daredevil down or making a cut with his weapon.

After the opening credits play, Father Lantom approaches Matt Murdock and says that he’s open for Confession. However, Matt wants to take the priest up on his latte offer. Fr. Lantom said that he is still willing to listen to Matt’s confession, since it’s just the two of them. Matt asks Fr. Lantom if he believes in the devil. The good priest admits that he believed that the devil was inconsequential, justifying the fact that “Satan” in Hebrew meant advocate, so he used to think that the devil represented any antagonist. Then he spent some time in Rwanda and befriended Gahiji, a village leader and holy man. Gahiji’s enemies were ordered to behead him in front of the village. Even though Gahiji was able to win over the men who worked for the enemy leader, he wasn’t able to win over the man himself. In that instance, Fr. Lantom began to believe in the Devil and that he could take many forms.

Meanwhile, at the Nelson and Murdock law offices, Foggy, Karen, and Urich discuss what to do about Fisk because of his Villain with Good Publicity status. Urich gives Karen the documents that Daredevil gave him. Karen looks through them and starts thinking of following the money through the six degrees of separation. Foggy is unsure about whether or not to trust the Mask, as Karen calls him, but Karen and Ben Urich definitely do.

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Fisk and Wesley meet down in a warehouse by the docks. Hoffman has gone missing and Fisk’s men haven’t found him yet. Wesley also points out that Daredevil hasn’t been as active as he once was. However, Nobu comes in and interrupts, demanding a particular city block in exchange for his services to Fisk. Fisk tells him that the city block will be hard to clear out, so he asks Nobu to take care of the man in black.

Back in the offices of Nelson and Murdock, Foggy and Karen are struggling with their follow-the-money plan. Mrs. Cardenas comes in, telling them about how Fisk is offering them double or nothing to move out. They persuade her to fight back and Mrs. Cardenas is firm in her resolve. Once Mrs. Cardenas leaves, Matt isn’t sure if standing up to Fisk is the right thing because he won’t be shaken easily, but Karen wants to call the old man out. Matt goes to the art gallery where Vanessa works.

At the gallery, it’s shown that there is extra security. Matt comes under the guise of buying art to impress the ladies. Vanessa shows him a painting and describes it to him. The painting is a gradient of red, a bright red center with dark in the background. He asks her about what kind of art her boyfriend likes. Cue Fisk entering the gallery. It’s probably not a coincidence. The two of them have a discussion about the tenement case. Matt decides to leave the gallery to “consider the cost” and heads to church.

Fr. Lantom and Matt speak in front of the crucifix. They discuss what Matt ought and ought not to do about his desire to confront the devil. Fr. Lantom tells him to think about what his desires are because the ends don’t justify the means. He quotes Proverbs 25:26 and opens two interpretations. On the one hand, evil happens if good men do nothing. On the other hand, the sin of a righteous man can affect everyone else. Lantom thinks that Matt went to see Vanessa to try and find a third way.

Matt returns to the offices. Karen finds the people who attacked her outside of Mrs. Cardenas’s apartment. But while they’re off the map, the good news is that the law firm finally has a proper sign. Karen gets a phone call…it’s the coroner calling them to identify Mrs. Cardenas’s body. She was stabbed multiple times.

We cut back to the fight between Daredevil and the red ninja. Daredevil fights back in spite of the multiple slices. The red ninja is revealed to be Nobu himself, intent on assassinating Daredevil. The fight scene is brutal and it seems that Daredevil is down for the count.

Down at Josie’s pub, Foggy, Karen, and Matt mourn Mrs. Cardenas. Matt doesn’t think that her death is a coincidence. Local news talk about Mrs. Cardenas’s death and Fisk talks about the offer he made to the tenants. Fisk cries crocodile tears, but Matt, Karen, and Foggy know that it’s not a coincidence. Karen wants the Mask to take care of Fisk by any means. Matt asks Karen if she’s religious. Karen admits that she isn’t. Matt says he’s Catholic. Karen asks if it helps, given their current situation, Matt admits that it currently doesn’t. As Matt leaves, Karen tells Matt that if God exists, then Fisk will get what he deserves.

Matt returns to his apartment and, after thinking about it for a minute, decides to open up a green trunk. It’s a trunk that contains his father’s boxing uniform and his Daredevil costume. A montage of Daredevil interrogating people in various allies. He comes across some heroin junkies in a rundown apartment and finds Mrs. Cardena’s purse there. He beats up one of them and asks about where he got the purse. The addict gives him the name of a pier where he got hired. Daredevil tells the addict to turn himself in or else and gives one last punch for good measure.

Daredevil arrives at the pier and feels out the plans Nobu laid out for Hell’s Kitchen. He hears the heartbeat of another person in the room. Nobu appears. Daredevil quickly figures out that it’s a trap. The two of them quickly get into a fight. It’s at this point that see the parts of Daredevil that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got their inspiration from.

At Josie’s pub, Foggy and Karen continue to drown their sorrows. Foggy blames himself for Mrs. Cardenas’s death and begins to lose faith in what he believes in, given how Fisk has so much power and money.

We cut back to where the fight left off. Daredevil is able to get Nobu off his back and kicks him into a back wall. We notice gasoline pouring out of a barrel. A spark from a lamp sets Nobu on fire. Daredevil struggles to get up while Fisk thanks him for “murdering” Nobu. This is the first time that Daredevil and Fisk meet face to face. Daredevil tells Fisk that he’s gonna kill him. Of course, Fisk came with armed backup. Daredevil uses Nobu’s weapon to slice at Fisk, but it doesn’t wok. Fisk starts beating Daredevil down and sends him flying, with Daredevil breaking the desk of Nobu’s plans. He starts to leave and tells Wesley to finish the job, giving Daredevil the chance to escape quickly by jumping out of a window and into the river. Fisk tells his other henchman to make a manhunt for Daredevil. Shoot on sight.

Foggy shows up at Matt’s apartment and hears a noise inside. He comes in through the roof entrance. He comes inside and sees that the floor’s been broken through. He arms himself with Matt’s walking stick and Daredevil appears, stumbling and falling down. Foggy calls 911, but hangs up as the slow realization and curiosity sinks in. He takes off the mask…revealing Daredevil to be Matt.

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