3 Opportunities for Almsgiving

As I was checking my news feed, I saw a lot of fundraisers going on. Since Lent is the time for almsgiving, I want to promote some stuff going on in the hopes that you might donate to them.


  1. One of my favorite singers is having another Kickstarter. Except Audrey Assad isn’t promoting an album, but a film she’s scoring and her husband is creating. I owe this to Audrey Assad, since she was my first concert.
  2. My friend Katrina, whom you may know as The Crescat, needs a new car. Dear Guadalupe Radio Network, can you send whatever donated cars you have her way? I hear she likes Mercedes.
  3. Finally, there’s this very obscure web show called Ordinary, which is a video blog about a priest fresh out of seminary and working his first diocesan job. I haven’t finished the first season yet, but what I saw so far was amazing. Not only does it show that priests are people without resorting to my most hated stereotype of priests in the media, but the characters are all people you’ve probably seen at your parish as well, or at least dramatized versions of them.


Anyway, as they say, go fund the thing!