What’s Really Important (Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 28)

Sometimes, it’s okay to not meet the goals you set outAs long as you get started, it’s better than nothing
Not everything will turn out perfect right away
What’s really important is that you made an effort

There is a significance in the act of trying
Because contrary to what Yoda said, we “do.”
In every try, we add a little more to ourselves,
planting seeds of growth with every mistake we make.

The seeds that we plant in the garden of our minds
may not all turn out to be roses in the end,
but on the other hand, the most beautiful gardens
have a mixture of all different kinds of flowers.

Success isn’t something that grows overnight
We can’t compare our garden to what others have
All we can do is make sure that the things in our garden
will grow into beautiful fruits and flowers, no matter how long it takes.

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