Conversations with a Bird


Prompt: Things unsaid


What brought you here to my backyard?
Choosing the grapevines as your nesting ground?
How can you stay so calm
even as the rain pours all around?
When the lighting flashes and the thunder crashes,
don’t you get scared?
When will your little ones hatch?
Will I get to see them?

This wasn’t the first time a bird chose my house
as a makeshift nesting ground
Three years ago, there was one who gave life in the rain gutter
I always wondered what brought her here.
I wonder if you’re the same bird.

I understand why you didn’t choose the birdhouses
The neighborhood cats are sneaky.
But I’m still astonished that you chose my home
amongst all the other real trees out there.
Then again, the leaves on the vine look very tree-like
and the bamboo beams are as strong as any branch.

Enjoy your stay for as long as you need to be here, little bird.
The backyard is a good place, all things considered
Seeds are falling from the pomegranate tree
There’s a feeder full of rice, but you’ll have to fight the crows over it.
Most important of all, you are safe

I never really had a pet.
All the goldfish I had eventually died.
I’m allergic to anything with fur
and I can’t take care of plants, let alone reptiles.
I’m glad that you can take care of yourself
that you’re allowing my backyard to be part of your life
It’ll be sad to see you go,
but thankfully, I have photographs to help me remember.

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