The Cafeteria (Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 16)


(Prompt: A Food Establishment)


Do you remember the cafeteria?
There was a patio right outside,
a small field where kids played soccer.
This was where we first met.

I found a book that belonged to your friend
You waited with me at the bus stop nearby.
I always knew from that day on,
that I could always sit with you.

Everyday, you were there,
with a smile
and a tuna fish sandwich,
ready with a tall tale to tell.

For four years, you were one of my constants.
Between overpriced lunches and bad dates
I could always go to the cafeteria
and talk to you.

Then one day, you had to leave.
Several months later, you left for good.
You left this world
and left me behind.

I haven’t gone back to that cafeteria since.
Although it comes to mind every now and then.
I wonder if there’s a cafeteria where you are now.
And if there is, can you save me a seat?

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