Questions and Answers At The Sixth Station


Prompt: Write an ekphrastic poem. An ekphrastic poem is a poem inspired by art.

Inspired by the 6th Station of the Cross.

It’s been said that you once bled for 12 years.
When He healed you, He called you “Daughter.”
Just how old are you?
What happened after He healed you?
What brought you here now, to His hour of death?
Why did you bring that veil with you?
How did you get past the guards?
How long did you get to wipe His face?
Did you see the scars from the whips on His skin?
The piercing of the thorns upon His brow?
Did you think that if you touched His face
the bleeding He suffered would stop?
How could the one who helped you be so helpless?
How could the one who gave you hope look so hopeless?

It couldn’t have been easy for you.
And yet His face comes clear in your veil
The same eyes that loved you
The same ears that heard you
The same mouth that spoke to you
He is with you
Thankful for you
Daughter, your faith in Him is strong
So do you believe that He will conquer death?

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