RIP Wes Craven



I’m not gonna say that I’m a Wes Craven film buff. I’ve only seen Wes Craven’s New Nightmare and Scream a few times. But I still feel gutted like a fish right now because of the impact he made in the horror genre. Not only did he create a great series of slasher films with Nightmare on Elm Street but later deconstructed them with the Scream series. And to hear now that this wonderful director died of brain cancer is just heartbreaking considering that the Nightmare on Elm Street series revolved around the horrors that take place in the mind.

The reason I’m writing this is for my friends who are the bigger Wes Craven fans. I can’t imagine the pain that you feel.

And even though it’s night time, I suddenly have the desire to check the horror section on Netflix.

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