A Lesson In Leadership – First Peter Bible Study Day 10

lesson in leadership

An excerpt:

What makes a good leader? Today’s passage from 1 Peter addresses church leaders, but I think it can be easily applied to today because it talks about the qualities of a good leader: being responsible of the people you overlook, but not asserting your authority too much.

Being in charge gives some people the idea that they can just tell everyone working for them what to do, no questions asked. “You say ‘Jump,’ I say ‘How high?’” kind of thing. Other examples of bad leadership can be seen in corrupt politicians and corporate executives. Even women in charge can succumb to the corruption of power, such as Queen Jezebel and Lady Macbeth.

But good leaders exist. In both men and women. Just look at Judith, from the previous Bible study, who was able to lead an army to victory. Or Queen Esther who saved her people from genocide. There are also leaders found within the saints such as Joan of Arc, who lead an army, and Queen Elizabeth of Hungary. (See, there is such a thing as a good queen!)

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