Daredevil Month: The Ones We Leave Behind

The episode opens where the last one left off. Karen throws the gun she used to kill Wesley into the river, no longer the damsel in distress. She returns to her apartment and drowns her sorrows before washing off. still filled with guilt over what she did. She wakes up the next morning and grabs another drink, only to find Fisk waiting for her. He tells her that it gets easier. Karen wakes up, realizing that the scene with Fisk in the kitchen was just a nightmare.

Karen goes to the Nelson and Murdock Law offices, trying to figure out what to do. Foggy walks in and gives Karen a scare. He asks her about what’s going on with her but she keeps calm and carries on. Foggy makes a marijuana joke and Karen asks him if he’s returning to the offices. But he was just there to pick up some things. Karen doesn’t want to be left alone and Foggy promises that they’ll keep working to stop Fisk because he’s a killer. He also admits that he doesn’t think that The Mask is a terrorist anymore and to call him. He leaves with a “don’t do drugs” and opens the door to find Matt at the entrance. Matt steps aside as Foggy passes him without saying a word. Karen tells Matt that him and Foggy are all she has and Matt asks her if something happened. Karen says “The world fell apart.”

Fisk checks for any calls from Wesley as Vanessa finally wakes up. She doesn’t remember being poisoned and jokes at Fisk’s apology. He tells her that he made arrangements for her to be taken out of the country, but he’s not coming with her. However, Vanessa is willing to stay with him and she knew what she was getting into and that she’s not leaving. Fisk goes out to meet with one of his henchmen who leads him to Wesley’s dead body. Fisk beats up the henchman for not backing Wesley up, but Leland tells him to stop. Lesley and Fisk wonder whodunit, but Fisk tells Leland to go. Lesley tells him to keep an eye out on the endgame. Fisk takes Wesley’s phone and sees that Wesley received a call from his mother.

Ben Urich leaves from another day at the office to find Daredevil waiting for him. He gives Urich a packet of heroin from someone working for Fisk and makes the connection between the triads and Fisk. Urich tells him that he has a lead, but Daredevil tells him to lay low. Daredevil speculates about one of Madame Gao’s henchman and Urich gives him a location.

Over at Josie’s pub, Foggy meets with Marlene to ask for her help about the tenement case leading to Fisk. He gives her information relating to the case and in spite of the fact that her firm was working for Fisk, she takes a look at it.

Karen arrives at Ben’s apartment and tells him that she thinks that Fisk’s men know about their visit. Urich tells her that he has a lead with Rigoletto. He tells her to post what she knows on the net, but Karen has a shady past and knows that nobody will believe her. Marlene tells Foggy that she can’t work with him with all the information they have, but Foggy pleads with her to do the right thing.

Out on the streets, Matt listens for the distant tapping of a cane. A blind woman walks past him and he follows her. The blind woman gets into a car and Matt follows after by scaling a building. Classical music is interspersed with the score of the show as Matt scales from rooftop to rooftop parkour style. He follows the car to a warehouse. Meanwhile, Fisk takes his mother out for a drive and wants her to live somewhere like Italy. Her memory lapses, but Fisk asks her about the call that she made to Wesley.

At the New York Bulletin offices, Ben’s boss is out. Karen gets a call from Matt who’s patching himself up and tells Karen to make sure she and Foggy don’t get involved. Unfortunately, Ben’s boss isn’t up for exposing Fisk because it’s controversial. Urich suspects that Fisk is paying them off, but his boss fires him.

Madame Gao’s sweatshop of heroin runs like a well-oiled machine with plenty of blind people acting as her cogs. Of course, her security isn’t so great when they fall for Daredevil knocking the secret password. Daredevil slowly knocks the other security men out. The blind people, of course, have no clue, but instead continue working as Daredevil walks among them. The scars on some of the men’s faces suggest that some of them have been blinded on purpose. Madame Gao yells out a signal and everyone attacks him.

Fisk talks to Leland who’s dry on leads. He gets a phone call and leaves. Madame Gao and her men search the warehouse for Daredevil, who strikes from the shadows, causing some nearby gasoline to ignite.

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Madame Gao tells him that they blinded themselves and attacks him, escaping into the night as the fire starts to consume the whole warehouse. Daredevil grabs a gun and shoots the sprinklers open, ordering one of the henchmen to lead everyone out. Insert blind leading the blind joke here. Fire trucks close in on the factory as Daredevil makes his escape, only to be confronted by a cop. He confronts the cop and tells him the truth, but leaves quickly.

I’ll be honest when I say that I suspected Leland of being behind the poison. He and Madame Gao have a discussion. She decides to no longer deal with heroin. My suspicions are proven correct: Madame Gao and Leland conspired to kill Vanessa at the gala. However, neither of them know who killed Wesley. Madame Gao says “Screw you guys, I’ma going home” and leaves Leland stuttering.

Ben visits his wife and says that they should go away somewhere. His wife, of course, knows otherwise. He tells her that he’s been fired from the paper. She tells him that he can still share his story on the internet. He calls Karen to update her on his plans to publish the story online.

Matt tries to enter the office, but it’s locked. Karen tells Matt that she’s sick of getting the silent treatment and Matt chalks it up to his old mentor. He admits that he can’t do this alone and starts crying. Karen comforts him and tells him that he’s not alone.

Ben returns to his apartment and gets a drink as he starts writing his first blog. The camera pans up to see Fisk waiting for him. He makes a half-hearted apology and confesses to paying off the Bulletin to prevent more exposes. He tries to talk Urich out of posting on the internet. He makes a snarky, cynical social commentary and asks Ben if he was alone when he spoke to his mother. Ben lies about being alone and Fisk knows that he didn’t kill Wesley, but can’t forgive him for going after his mother. He throttles Ben over the table and then smothers him on the carpet.

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