Daredevil Month: Nelson V. Murdock

The episode opens up with Matt finally regaining consciousness after his last battle with Nobu. Foggy comes in, telling him that Claire patched him. He has a lot of questions, the first of which is “Are you even really blind?”

We flash back to Matt and Foggy’s college days. Foggy had long hair and a bro-beard like a hippie while Matt is your typical clean-shaven college boy. Foggy is keen on becoming Matt’s best friend right off the bat. They make a promise to keep no secrets.

Flashing forward, Foggy continues to lash at Matt, flashing him the middle finger. He’s seriously pissed that Matt kept his superpowers a secret. Matt tries to explain everything that’s going on, but Foggy’s too distraught. Karen calls and Foggy covers for him, but he asks Matt to tell him everything.

Fisk meets up with Madame Gao on the roof of a high rise building. They discuss Nobu’s unfortunate demise and the fact that the Masked Man is still at large. Nobu’s minions are waiting to make their next move. Madame Gao asks if his ambition will ever attack her, but Fisk tells her that he respects her. She starts speaking in English, telling him that the downside of being a Villain with Good Publicity is that Fisk is now torn between his two roles: the savior of the city or the oppressor of his crime ring. She tells him to choose wisely.

At the hospital, Ben Urich is visiting his wife, Doris. The two of them have a heartwarming discussion about whether or not he’s still the man he used to be. Doris’s memory lapses as Shirley walks in. The extension has ended.

Back in Matt’s apartment, Foggy looks at Matt’s black outfit and asks him about the costume and how he was able to fight. Of course, the backstory sounds like something out of a movie to Foggy. The superpowers freak Foggy out, especially the living lie detector thing.


Flashing back to the salad days, Matt and Foggy are walking back, having fun after a night of drinking. Matt almost fesses up about his supersensory powers, but is able to cover it. He tells Foggy a little bit of his backstory. We also find out that Foggy’s real name was Franklin and that he learned Punjabi.

Urich looks at a brochure for a hospice when his boss comes in, asking why he’s handing out stories to other people. He gives Urich a job offer to work the metro branch and Urich considers it.

Karen comes back to the Nelson and Murdock offices and finds a box of Converse sneakers on her desk. The box is a gift for Karen: everything that Urich has on the Fisk consipracy. He tells Karen about how he has to take care of his wife. Karen tells him about a nursing home upstate.

Lesley, Wesley, and Fisk are suiting up at Fisk’s apartment and Fisk tells Lesley to placate Gao. Lesley berates Fisk about his new girlfriend but Fisk justifies it as part of change.

Foggy asks Matt if he ever killed anyone and Matt says he didn’t, but he wanted to.  Foggy asks him about why he’s working outside the law and Matt says that sometimes the law isn’t enough. We flash back to Matt and Foggy’s internship days. A panel of lawyers are interrogating an old sickly man about his breach of contract. Matt knows that the old man isn’t lying, but Foggy is still dreaming of working as an associate or partner at Landman and Zack. Matt wants to use the law to make a difference instead of being rich and fat. The two of them decide to quit their internship.

Karen and Urich are out on a drive and Karen learns how serious Doris’s condition is. Karen says that everyone has secrets they hold onto. They pull up to the nursing home and take a tour inside. Urich says he can’t afford the place.

Foggy asks Matt about how he went from being a blind kid to being a vigilante. Matt tells him about the first time he tries to save someone. He tried to report a child molestor, but nobody believed him. So Matt decided to take things into his own hands, beating up the man to a pulp, but leaving him alive. Foggy wonders if Matt’s just being pugilistic and Matt admits he doesn’t want to stop fighting.

Over in the nursing home, Karen leads Urich to the room of an old woman. They ask the woman about her life story. The woman turns out to be Fisk’s mother.

We cut to a gala where Fisk is giving a speech. He and Vanessa act like a pair of future politicians, schmoozing around. Fisk meets a Senator with a lot of connections. All of a sudden, the partygoers start collapsing to the floor, including Vanessa. And yes, I am actually fearing for her safety.

Foggy asks Matt if he’s thinking things through. Matt says that he’s doing what he does to make the city a better place. Foggy points out that it’s the same thing that Fisk is saying and that he wants his friend back. Foggy walks out.

In Josie’s bar, younger Matt and Foggy toast their leaving of the internship and Foggy creates a drawing of a sign for their future law offices. The bromance is real. Back in the law offices, Foggy looks at the sign that Karen had made and throws it away as he leaves the offices, resigning from his job.

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