Daredevil Month: Condemned

The episode picks up where the last one left off: with Daredevil being caught by the cops. However, they were told to leave no witnesses, which implies that they are probably on Fisk’s payroll. This leads to Daredevil beating up the cops and taking Vladimir with him. Once he gets out, one of the cops gets back up and kills Sergei, calling in for backup.

Urich creates what I call the “conspiracy board” in his office, using playing cards and newspaper clippings. One card, a King of Diamonds, has a question mark written on it. He hears a commotion and it turns out that the office is jumping on the story of the explosions happening in Hell’s Kitchen. Urich gets his editor-in-chief to give him the locations and he knows a conspiracy is afoot.

Fisk and Wesley are in a limo, discussing what to do about Daredevil and Vladimir, since Madame Gao is on a tight schedule.

Inside the remnants of one of the exploded buildings, two cops on Fisk’s payroll interrogate a mook who’s buried under a pile of rubble and kill him after they get as much information as they could out of him.

Daredevil takes Vladimir up to an abandoned apartment and tries to get Vladimir to cooperate with him in the hopes of taking down Fisk. Vladimir doesn’t have much of a choice given that he’s bleeding out, but he tells Daredevil where to stick it and passes out.

Foggy and Karen arrive at the hospital with Mrs. Cardenas. Claire comes to their assistance and takes Mrs. Cardenas to the ER. Karen points out that Foggy is bleeding. Claire gets a call from Daredevil asking for help in stabilizing Vladimir’s wounds. Using his super senses, Daredevil pulls a Macguyver and uses a flair to cauterize Vladimir. A nearby cop hears Vladimir screams and goes to investigate. Daredevil quickly takes the cop down and interrogates him. When the cop says that he works for the city, Daredevil reads his heart, determines that he’s not lying and tells him to call off his backup. The cop doesn’t comply. And on top of that, Urich arrives to question the cops that arrive. Said cops are on Fisk’s payroll.

Inside the warehouse, Daredevil handcuffs the cop to a post. Vladimir accuses Daredevil of not being different from him or Fisk. He tells Daredevil what we’ve seen so far and laughs at him for knowing so little about what’s really going on. He gives Daredevil a name: the man who handles the money for all of Fisk’s henchman. But sadly, Vladimir would rather fight than comply. The two of them fall down to the ground floor in the scuffle.

Outside, a news crew arrives in front of the warehouse. The cops try to get Urich to leave, saying that he’s not needed, but he decides to stale. Over in the hospital, Foggy and Karen try to contact Matt, but he hasn’t returned their calls. Karen tells Foggy to stay put while she goes looking for Matt.

Inside the warehouse, Daredevil finally regains consciousness. Vladimir snarks at him, even though he’s pretty close to dying. When his heart stops beating, Daredevil tries to give CPR. A few whacks to the chest later, and Vladimir is alive again. Of course, Daredevil’s just pumping the Russian for information.

Back in the limo, Wesley gives Fisk a radio. Riot officers come into the area. Fisk comes on the radio, asking to talk to Daredevil. Neither of them exchange names. Fisk tells Daredevil that they’re not so different. Of course, all that talk is a huge distraction, allowing a sniper to come in. Fisk plans to frame either Vladimir or Daredevil for the bombings. Daredevil doesn’t claim to be a hero and Fisk tells him that his ideology makes him dangerous. Fisk plans on making Daredevil a hero with some seriously bad publicity.  The sniper on the roof shoots down three cops and Fisk gets the news to spin his story.

At the warehouse, police close in on Daredevil and Vladimir. Daredevil gets a call from Claire who tells him what’s going on. He tells her to take care of herself. The cops come in. Daredevil tries to open a sewer grate with all his strength, but sadly, he isn’t exactly Superman. With Vladimir’s help, Daredevil and Vladimir make their escape. The cops kill Daredevil’s hostage while Daredevil and Vladimir are limping around access tunnels. A cop arrives with a gun at the ready and Daredevil beats him down. Vladimir ends up with the gun in his hand and tells Daredevil that Fisk has way too much power and that Daredevil will have no choice but to kill him. He gives Daredevil the name of Leland Owlsley. Daredevil kicks the door open and leaves Vladimir to face the incoming cops alone.

This episode is a really big contrast to the previous one, choosing to keep the drama focused on one place with very little subplots. This is what TV Tropes calls the “7th episode twist” or the “midseason twist.” Now Daredevil is outed to the public as a threat to the public all the while Daredevil has a girlfriend and power that most mafia dons would envy. Tune in tomorrow to see what happens next.


Screenshots are copyright to Marvel Studios and Netflix and are used for editorial purposes only.

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