Under the Surface: A Poem of Heartbreak

The worst part about falling in love

is that it makes you forget

about everything that happened before

The scars from a backstabbing

becomes smoother than silk

The cracks in the broken heart

are just chinks in the armor

And every new love that comes

Feels like the first time, every time

You want to tell the whole world

but instead, these feelings are hidden and secret

And when the love of your life walks into a room

your mouth is sewn shut

and you wish he could read the secret in your eyes

Instead he sees right through you.


Every emotion piles up inside

The desire to say what’s on your mind

The fear of his rejection and the inevitable fallout

The anger towards anyone who comes close to him

The jealousy of the women who own the room

The sadness and hopelessness of never getting a chance

And yet on the surface, everything is fine.


You wait until you are alone

And then you let the tears come down

Nobody comes to help

because nobody can hear the silent screams

or the shattering of your broken heart.

And no matter what you’ve felt before

The pain is still new

because you thought that this time

it would be different


Instead it just becomes another broken heart

another cycle of self-loathing and unanswered questions

All hidden beneath the surface

All kept secret

Because you’re the girl who keeps smiling

Even when inside, you’re silently screaming


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