3 Reasons You Should Never Troll A Catholic


1. A Catholic is ALWAYS ready with a comeback.

Such as…

Your insane troll logic is not compatible with our Earth logic.

2. A Catholic will always have an answer to whatever objections people have against the Church and the members of the Body of Christ.

We may not have these objections right away, but give us time. And a crayon.

Let me give you an example.

Say, hypothetically, you come across this often-used atheist argument.

“Catholics only do good things because they think it’ll buy them salvation. Atheists are able to be just as good as you, if not better because we’re not thinking about some heavenly reward! Just look at all these wonderful atheist people and how much money they give to charity!” And then they list all these famous, successful people from past and present and say about how they’re all atheist.

Say they list people like Warren Buffett, Bill & Melinda Gates, Andrew Carnegie.

First of all, even if it’s in name only, Melinda Gates is Catholic.

Secondly, as someone who watched The Men Who Built America, I can say that even though Carnegie was opposed to religion at first, he eventually became a Presbyterian.

Even if all these people were atheists, though, they’re all well-off and have a lot of disposable income. Not to mention donating to charity is a tax deduction. So even if they’re not going for a heavenly reward, they will receive an earthly one.

My friend Evie Schwartzbauer said, “What would be a better comparison is finding out what percentage of all atheist individuals of all income levels, in total give to charitable organizations – and to help make it more concise, only organizations that exist to help the poor & compare that to the weekly giving all the Christians do to help out their community & Christian organizations that help the poor.
I guarantee we have more per year. Christian charities outnumber any secular ones by a long shot. “

And if that atheist is wondering about how much the Catholic church or religion as a whole does for charity, I suggest this awesome video from Fr. Pontifex:

3. A wonderful thing about being Catholic is that a Catholic prays for those who hurt them.

Whenever a Catholic encounters a troll on the internet, or off-line, they will probably get angry at first. Or laugh.

You know, like this:

But at the end of the day, most Catholics will more than likely offer up their enemies in prayer. Trolls included.

So you know why you can’t troll a Catholic?

Because in the end, God will always win.

BTW, I prayed for you today.

Photo of the day: Morning Mass. BTW: I prayed for you today.




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