The Story of Monica Summers: Secret Agent

(based on a true story)

It was a cold November afternoon. I was out with my handler on a routine mission to retrieve the large amounts of TTPh and drop it off at the designated location. TTPh was a powerful chemical that induced sleep and in the wrong hands, it could be used as a knockout gas or poison. I was given special gloves so that the chemical wouldn’t get on my hands.

The mission started with a stakeout in the distribution center. I passed the time by reading the latest installment of the Joan and Randy detective series. Finally, I saw a window of opportunity.

But just as I left the car, my handler and I were ambushed. We had been made. Enemy spies came out of nowhere. My handler and I fought them off as best as we could, but I got knocked out. When we woke up, I found that all my spy equipment and my personal belongings were gone.

We reported back to the Cathedral Agency Base to fill out the paperwork and make sure that all the info on the spy equipment was erased. But I wasn’t out of the woods quite yet. I was called to the conference room for a debriefing. A tall, stern-looking woman stood at the head of the room.

“Mother,” I said. Mother was her code name.

“We hit a problem,” Mother said. “The tech we can clear out, but they can still trace you. You have to go into hiding.”

“Where am I gonna go?”

Another woman entered the room. I recognized her face from the newspaper stories. It was The Anchoress, the head of the undercover ops division, code name PathCath.

“Mother has informed me about the situation, Monica Summers,” The Anchoress said. “You’ll stay in hiding with us for now.”

“Will I ever go out into the field again?”

“Not for another 60 days,” Mother said.

I looked to Mother and then to The Anchoress. I decided to go with the undercover ops training.

PathCath was a completely different world from my usual grab-and-drop missions. But somehow, it felt so much like home as soon as I got there. I spent the next few months training, learning various techniques, and getting to know my coworkers.

I immediately hit it off with two spies codenamed Super 8 and Mutant Enemy because we were all admirers of the best covert spy team in the world: The Slayer and her partner, Captain Peroxide. The Crescat was a talented sketch artist and profiler and her partner, DeusEtMachina was the gadget-making genius. We hit it off because we were both fans of a spy novel series from England, chronicling tales of The Doctor and The Companions. The Dark Lord and his partner Fisch were master interrogators, able to get a rise out of the most hardened criminals. I joined them on a mission to capture a conspiracy theorist and enemy spy codename The Whirlwind, who targeted the head of the midwest division of the undercover ops, codename Firestarter. I also kept tabs on the Deacon and on The Traveller, who were both out on field missions.

After the 60 days passed, I was finally cleared to go back onto the field.

“So what’s my mission?” I asked The Anchoress.

“Your mission is to gather information and report it to us,” she said.

I nodded and smiled as she gave me my ID with my new code name: The Storyteller.

“I’m on the case,” I said.

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