My Year In Photos: November


November was a month that I really appreciated the friends I had. Back when I was younger, I always had this idea that in high school and college, I would have friends that I could hang out with all the time. Then, when I was about to finish college, I learned that real friendships, just like romantic relationships, need boundaries in order to stay healthy.

It wasn’t until I reached out of my comfort zone (and the internet) and started volunteering that I found the best friends a girl could ever ask for. These are the kind of friends I can call up about almost anything. The friendships I have with these people started with a shared faith, but it was also based on shared experiences as volunteers. We don’t agree on fandom related things, but we do agree on things we consider most important to us.

So even though November (and Thanksgiving) is centered more around family, I want to honor the metaphorical family I found. My brothers and sisters in Christ. The best friends I could ever ask for.

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