My Year In Photos: July


This compass has a lot of sentimental value on top of it being an antique. It used to belong to a family friend who fought in World War 2. But I also had this compass with me during my first Awakening retreat. To me, it symbolized my life taking off in a new direction. My journey in 2014 was a lot more interior than exterior. It wasn’t until July that I realized that. I spent the year looking for exterior changes when God was changing me on the inside.

I hadn’t moved anywhere or started any sort of new job. But I did go out to the movies with friends. I even made new friends and got asked to give a talk at the upcoming retreat I was volunteering for. And whenever unexpected circumstances arose, I was able to deal with those things better. I acknowledged the fear I felt about the change and made the conscious decision to let go of whatever I couldn’t control. Sometimes I would talk things over with a friend, but otherwise, I was able to deal with my problems on my own.

It’s definitely a long way from having an anxiety attack over an uncertain future, that much I know for sure.

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