Lent Day 39: No Greater Disappointment

Recently, I met someone who told me “There is no greater disappointment than Christ on the cross.”

I want you to meditate on what that exactly means.

Jesus is God made flesh, 100% God and 100% human. So when you look at a crucifix, realize that it’s God experiencing death. God the Son was dead. No apocalypse, no crime, and no betrayal could hurt more than the idea of God the Son suffering, bleeding, being publicly humiliated.

What does that mean for us?

To quote a Chris Sligh song: “Everything is a lesser pain compared to You.”

No matter what in your life has happened to you or what you’re going through, God will understand because He experienced it. Maybe He didn’t experience it the way you specifically did, but like us, he was betrayed by someone he thought he could trust. Like us, He suffered humiliation when He did nothing wrong. Like us, He was abandoned by those he loved except for a small number of family and friends.

Offer your disappointments, struggles, and pain to the Lord. He will give you rest with time. It won’t happen right away, but I can promise you that it will happen.

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