Lent Day 19 and 20: This Day In History

Sorry for not posting yesterday. Fr. Robert Barron’s reflection that day was about how Sunday is seen in the Catholic Church. I was kind of having an off day yesterday.

Today, Fr. Robert Barron talks about finding a special place to pray.

Both of these ideas could relate to the concept of rediscovery when we go somewhere different.

Now look at the title of this post. What exactly happened on March 24th that’s so special?

For those who are old enough, I want you to tell me what this song makes you think about.

Did you picture this:

Shermer HS


If you did, then you should remember that on March 24th, 1984, a brain, a jock, a princess, a basketcase, and a criminal spent Saturday detention at Shermer High School. And even though we don’t know what happened to them come Monday morning, The Breakfast Club has changed the culture and created the teen flick genre for the next generation.

It made such a cultural impact that a kids’ show in Japan about a vigilante masked motorcycle rider created an episode that paid homage to this movie:

kamen rider breakfast club


Even though three of the kids are in uniform, you can see the delinquent, the brain, the jock, the cute girl, the weirdo, and even the stern teacher clearly.

What does this have to do with Lent?

Think about this for a minute. Last time, I talked about how no two saints in Heaven are alike and that it’s a good idea to have friends who make us better people.

My personal theory about what happened at the end of The Breakfast Club is that it wasn’t easy for the five teens to uphold their friendship. But they all made an effort to stay together. By the time the five of them graduated, Brian and Allison hooked up, Bender helped Brian pass wood shop, and they all decide to go to college as far from Shermer as they could.

Don’t you forget about The Breakfast Club.

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