Friday With a Friend!

Today, my friend Mariella Hunt. Catholic writer and editor, gives tips on how to better yourself through writing. 

In a recent edition of the Paris Review, there is an interview with author Emmanuel Carrere in which he mentions a writing exercise introduced by another author, Ludwig Borne.

The exercise goes as follows: Write for three successive days without restraint or hypocrisy. Write what comes to your mind, no matter what it is. Write what you’re feeling and keep going, keep on going, without interruption, just write.

By the end of this exercise, you will have started on the path to becoming an original writer, because you’ve written what was in your heart and not according to an outline or plan.

If you were to take up this challenge, what do you think would fill the pages of your journal? Would old monsters of your past read their heads up to devour you? Would you meet old friends or even a side of yourself you didn’t know existed?

At some point in the year 2014 I am going to try this exercise and see what my mind comes up with. I think it would be healthy for all writers to give this a shot. You might be surprised by what lies in your head forgotten over the years.

If you try it, good luck! You might write a best seller!


Mariella Hunt is 20 years old and writes Young Adult Fiction. She blogs about her Catholic faith and fascination with art. Home is the Treasure Valley, but she dreams of seeing the world. Find her on Vimeo.

She is self-publishing her first novel, Dissonance, on 12/14/14.

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